Lab Payments

Lab Name Lab Code -
HR-TEM Analysis TEML View Info
High Resolution Mass Spectrometry HRMS View Info
Sophisticated Instrumentation Facility SIFL View Info
Power X-Ray Diffractometer PXRD View Info
Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrophotometer Analysis FTIR View Info
Thermo Gravimetric Analysis TGAL View Info
The Biotech Research Society India BRSI View Info
Confocal Laser Scanning Microscopy Facility CLSM View Info
Centre for Functional Materials CFML View Info
Field Emission-Scanning Electron Microscope FESE View Info
Elemental Analysis ELEA View Info
Centre for Innovative Manufacturing Research CIMR View Info
UV-Vis-NIR Analysis UVIN View Info
BET Surface Area, Isotherm, and Pore Size Distribution Analysis BETL View Info
3D Bioprinter Facility (CELLINK, BIOX) BPCB View Info
EVOS Fluorescent Microscope EVFM View Info
Single Crystal X-ray Diffraction Facility (SC-XRD) SCXR View Info
EMC Wireless Test EMCW View Info
Materials Engineering and Technology Lab METL View Info
SEM DST - FIST Facility SEML View Info